Have you ever dreamed of hiking to the top of an iconic mountain but never realized your dream?

Why not?

Perhaps you feel a little insecure because you are inexperienced and have never hiked to a peak before.

Or you think it would be too time-consuming for you since hiking in the mountains usually requires a lot of planning.

So you keep postponing your plans.

That’s a shame because you are going to miss awesome experiences.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Particularly if you pick a suitable trail.

Here is why the trail to the Pulpit Rock in Norway is perfect for an active weekend, even for hikers who only have a little experience.

Easy access to epic beauty

Standing on the Pulpit Rock for the first time was a magic moment for me.

The rock rises 604 meters above the sea and offers a breathtaking view to Lysefjorden with steep mountains on both sides.

And I was amazed how easy it was to get there.

You may take a ferry from Stavanger to the village of Tau and then board the Pulpit Rock tours bus to the Pulpit Rock mountain lodge. Right here you start the hike to the Pulpit Rock.

It only takes two hours to get to the Rock if you walk the distance (6 km) without taking any breaks. However, I’ll strongly recommend you to take your time and enjoy the divine scenery that surrounds you on the way to the top.

You cannot get lost

In many cases you need maps and a GPS to find your way when hiking in the mountains.

However, this is not the case when you head for the Pulpit Rock.

Nepalese sherpas have laid down a trail with giant rocks guiding you to the peak. Moreover, the trail is marked with the red “T” and small signposts along the trail informing you how far you have come, and how far away the rock is.

You cannot get lost.

Norwegian waffles + hot chocolate

After you have completed your hike please don’t miss the chance for a nice closure of your beautiful hike.

I visited the lodge Preikestolen Fjellstue after my hike.

Fjellstuen serves delicious Norwegian waffles and hot chocolate. While the nice treat is served you may enjoy the below beautiful view to the nearby lake and mountains.

Beautiful Norway.

Stavanger just around the corner

As you may have realized I enjoy combining my hikes with cultural experiences.

On this tour I stayed a few nights in Stavanger to check the temperature of the town.

Stavanger is known for its 8,000 wooden houses. In fact, no other European city has a larger concentration of wooden houses than Stavanger.

I was particularly thrilled about strolling down the colourful Øvre Holmegaten. Each wooden house here is painted in different joyful colours uplifting your spirit on a rainy day. And if you want to sit down for a moment and enjoy the colourful atmosphere the street is lined with nice coffee bars and restaurants.

Old Stavanger is also highly recommendable. The neighbourhood comprises 173 white wooden houses from the turn of the 18th century. All very well preserved.

Yes, Stavanger is indeed worth a visit.

Just go for it

Ready to realize your dream of hiking to an iconic mountain peak?

Many people keep putting off their dreams.

But not you.

You want to hike to beautiful mountain peaks and enjoy magic moments, right?

The Pulpit Rock is a good place to start.

It’s easy to get there, you won’t get lost and the scenery is awesome.

So go for it.