Usually, I go abroad during the summer time.

But not this year. 2020 has been different in so many ways. Perhaps for most of us.

Corona unfolded like a wildfire throughout the world and changed our usual way of life. At least for a while.

The right to cross borders, the freedom of association along with other basic civil rights were suddenly taken away from us restricting our lives in a way we never dreamed of.

Personally, I was going hiking in Germany and Croatia during the summer time but the trips were cancelled because of the risk of contagion.

This left me in a vacuum.

Hiking gives me so much joy and life quality and it’s difficult for me to live without it. So I had to find alternative destinations.

The trails near Silkeborg lakes was the first option that popped into my mind. I had not hiked there for ages and decided to rediscover the area.

Silkeborg is Denmark’s outdoor capital. Deep blue lakes, tops and and large forests characterise the hilly terrain. And combined with the many hiking trails, bathing facilities and cultural heritage it makes the perfect destination for people like me looking for superior outdoor adventures when hiking in Denmark.

Below please find my three favourite tracks near the Silkeborg lakes:.

Track 1: Hiking near Lake Almind, Lake Ørnsø, Silkeborg Bad

Lake Almind, Silkeborg

Kroghs Bænk at Lake Almind

From this point the route takes you through the forest to Silkebog Bad, beautifully situated at the bank of lake Ørnsø, the second lake on this track.

Take your time and enjoy this fantastic spot. The buildings and surrounding park are an important part of Silkeborgs cultural heritage and has a unique history.

Silkeborg Bad was founded in 1883 near the Arnakkekilde source. It was believed that the high iron and mineral content of the source was curative, and so a spa and health resort was established near the source to help individuals with various diseases.

During World War 2 Silkeborg Bad played a key role. The buildings were occupied by the Germans who would use them as their headquaters. To strenghten their defence the Germans also built a number of bunkers in the area. One of them is now a museum that is open for visitors.

Today, Silkeborg Bad and the surrounding park host art exhibitions.

From Silkeborg Bad you may proceed your hike around Lake Ørnsø and back to Lake Almind.

Once you get back to your starting point why don’t you reward yourself with a nice refreshing bath in Lake Almind? The water is very clean and I’m quite confident that you will love the nice bathing facilities here. My son and I certainly do.

Track 2: Hiking near Klosterkanalen, Sukkertoppen, and Lake Mossø

View from Sukkertoppen

View from Sukkertoppen to Mossø

This route is very close to our home and yet we only recently discovered it. But I’m glad we did since it contains everything I love about hiking in Denmark.

The first highlight on this track is Klostermøllen.

Klostermøllen used to be a Benedictine Catholic monastery but was closed many years ago. Today Klostermøllen is a listed monument that attracts many tourists and picnic guests. The place has a nice exhibition and from the lookout tower you may enjoy the view to Lake Mossø, the largest lake in Jutland.

From Klostermøllen you may follow the beautiful channel Klosterkanal that takes you into the forrest and eventually to Sukkertoppen, the highest point on this track. Sukkertoppen lies 108 m above sea level and offers a scenic view to the Gudenå valley.

From this point the track takes you through the beautiful forest and back to your starting point.

Track 3: Hiking near Himmelbjerget, River Gudenåen, Knøsen and Lake Slåensø

Slåen SøMy son Nicklas at Lake Slåensø

Nevertheless, Himmelbjerget and the surrounding area are quite unique and offer many hiking opportunies.

To get there, we prefer to go to Silkeborg and then board Hjejlen, the world’s oldest original coal-fired steamer still in operation. Hjejlen sails on the river Gudenåen to Himmelbjerget.

Once you arrive at Himmelbjerget you may follow the track along the beautiful river to lake Slåensø and through the forest back to Himmelbjerget. On your way you will reach the top Knøsen that offers a scenic view to the Silkeborg lakes and outdoor area.

Sometimes the best hike is just around the corner

The corona epidemic has restricted our lives in many ways. But it has also given us the opportunity to discover or rediscover our own neighbourhood.

I rediscovered the Silkeborg lakes and three amazing trails during the summer of 2020 and thus retrieved my joy for hiking in Denmark.

Sometimes the best hike is just around the corner.

Happy hiking :-).

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