When hiking in Denmark the island of Fur is a great place to go. The island lies in the fjord Limfjorden and is famous for its majestic mo-clay cliffs, breathtaking views and local world class beer.

Nestled in the heart of Denmark’s stunning Limfjord, you find a hidden gem of geological wonders waiting to be explored. Welcome to the Island of Fur, where earth’s history is etched into the very cliffs you’ll hike upon—mo-clay formations and volcanic ash cliffs that whisper tales of eons gone by. Join us on a journey through the fascinating landscape of Fur Island, where every step is a step through time.

Here is the track that we followed on the island of Fur:
Distance: 14.7 km
Difficulty: Easy

The Island of Fur

How to get there: You can go there by ferry from the village of Branden. The crossing takes only app. 5 min.
Where to stay: You find more accommodation establishments on the island. A cheap solution would be B&B’s.

Highlights on the island of Fur

We started our hike on the north coast and headed for the mo-clay cliffs, our first goal on the track.

Knudeklinterne – the Mo-Clay Cliffs

Hiking in Denmark

Mo-clay and vulcanic ash cliffs

The mo-clay cliffs were created during the Ice Age 25,000 years ago when glaciers pushed layers of mo-clay up from the underground and formed impressing cliffs. The mo-clay was interspersed by layers of ash from numerous volcanic eruptions and formed in beautiful curves. Today the layers and curves are still clearly visible in the cliffs and are an amazing view.

The place is also perfect for fossil hunting since the cliffs conceal numerous fossil fish, insects, reptiles and plants.

The Red Stone

Fur, Den Røde Sten

The Red Stone

Another amazing attraction on the coast line is the beautiful red sand stone rock shooting up on the beach like a giant red wave.

The red stone consists of meltwater sand and gravel connected by iron compounds. When the water from the fjord and rain strike the stone, the iron corrodes and colours the stone red.

During the Middle Age the red stone was used as a construction material for churches (e.g. the cathedral of Viborg) since the stone was easily formed og thus useful for complex building projects.

Pitstop at the Fur Bryghus

Friends at Fur Bryghus

Testing Fur Bryghus’ beer tapas with my friends

As you may have noticed I enjoy exploring local cuisine and beverages every time I go hiking in new areas. On this hike I stayed true to tradition and decided to visit Fur Bryghus, the local brewery, near our track.

Fur Bryghus is famous for its world class beer that is made of high quality raw materials and the unique water found on the island. The Fur water is perfect for beer since the water is enriched with natural minerals and salts when filtered by the numerous layers of mo-clay and volcanic ashes in the ground.

A great thing about the brewery is that it offers beer tapas allowing the guests to taste various beer types served in small glasses. In addition, the brewery has an excellent cuisine. So if you are looking for a high end meal at a fair price while visiting the island, the place is very recommendable.


The Mo-Clay Quarry

Molerbrud, hiking in Denmark

Close to the brewery you find a mo-clay quarry. This is indeed a must see if you enjoy studying the distinct geology of the island.

View to the island of Livø

On the remaining part of our hiking adventure back to our starting pont we followed the track on top of the cliffs to enjoy the spectacular view to the main land and neighbouring islands of Mols and Livø.

Enjoy your trip to the island of Fur

As we conclude our journey through the geological marvels of the Island of Fur, one thing becomes abundantly clear: this place is a hiker’s paradise for those who seek adventure and a deep connection with the Earth’s history.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey that blends the thrill of exploration with the awe of geological time, make Fur Island your next destination. Lace up your hiking boots,  and get ready to uncover the secrets of this fossil-rich, mo-clay-draped wonderland.

Happy hiking!


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