Endless white beaches flanked by high dunes and a roaring sea. Add picturesque villages and an awesome nordic gastronomy. Jammerbugten is the perfect place for hiking.

Endless white beaches flanked by high dunes and a roaring sea, historic spots, picturesque villages and an awesome nordic gastronomy. If you are looking for an authentic hiking adventure by the wild Danish west coast, you have definitely come to the right place.

Jammerbugten (The Bay) is the northern part of the Danish West Coast that stretches from the city of Hanstholm to the city of Hirtshals. The closest you get to a wilderness in Denmark.

Jammerbugten also hosts the three charming coastel villages of Blokhus, Løkken and Lønstrup.

Fishing and trade with Norway laid the economic foundation for the development of the villages. But in recent years tourism has brought wealth to the villages and thus given them an exclusive image.

The villages are connected by well-marked trails, and hiking along the trails is a great way to experience the villages and the impressing nature surrounding them.

A good place to start your hike is in Blokhus.

Blokhus  —  the gateway to endless white beaches

Blokhus beach

Blokhus and I go way back. Back to my childhood when I used to visit my grand parents in their cottage by the sea. My grandparents passed away many years ago but I often go back just to enjoy the sea and go hiking there.

My favourite spot is the vivid town square where I like to stop by the coffee bar. While sipping my coffee here I may be lucky to enjoy one of the many concerts that are held at the town square in the summer time.

If you are looking for an authentic nordic meal I strongly recommend the restaurant Futten that serves nordic dishes in a maritime atmosphere. And the prices are fair.

You may start your hiking adventure to Løkken in Blokhus. The stage takes approx. 3.5 hours depending on which route you choose. Usually, I follow the north-south bound trail 100 in northern direction.

This is a beautiful stage that takes you through beautiful forests and to scenic coastal views. You may even meet roe-deers (if you are very quiet) since the area has a large roe-deer stock.

To turn to the coastline you must leave trail 100 at some point and choose one of the east-west bound trails (30 to 40) that takes you to the beach. Then follow the coastline to Løkken.

Løkken — the vivid village

Løkken - Mad About Hiking

If you arrive in Løkken at lunch time the restaurant Havs is a good place to visit. The restaurant serves delicious Danish smørrebrød — a bit expensive though but you get good quality for your money.

Løkken attracts many people in the summer time who want to go hiking in Denmark or experience other outdoor adventures. The village offers lots of opportunities if you want an active outdoor vacation with surfing, bathing, hiking and cycling. And if the weather is bad you may enjoy the vivid shopping and café atmosphere in the village.

From Løkken you continue your hike along the North Sea trail to Lønstrup. This is a dramatic stage that lets you experience the gigantic forces of nature.

A few miles north of Løkken you arrive at Nr. Lyngby where the cliff rises 60 meters above sea level and offers a stunning view of Skagerak.

Every day the greedy sea eats bites of the cliff constantly threatening to swallow the buildings that lie near the edge of the cliff. Therefore, the local church ‘Nr. Lyngby Kirke’ was moved further into the country from 1913 to 1914 to protect it from the sea.

Unfortunately, the churchyard still lies near the edge of the cliff and is attacked by the sea every day. So don’t be suprised if you stumble over skeleton parts on the below beach.

Another highlight on this stage is the gigantic dune ‘Rugbjerg Knude’- a miniature dessert a few miles south of Lønstrup.

Rugbjerg Knude - Mad About Hiking

Please don’t miss the opportunity to climb to the top of the dune (90 meters above sea level) that lets you enjoy the view to two of Denmark’s great oceans: Skagerak to the west and Kattegat to the east.

In the middle of the dune you find an old lighthouse from the year 1900 which you may access free of charge. The lighthouse is not used anymore and is expected to fall into the ocean in the near future.

Lønstrup — the village of crafts

Løkken - Mad About Hiking

The stage ends in the charming coastal village of Lønstrup that lies in a combe in the landscape.

Lønstrup is also known as the village of crafts since it has a large concentration of glass blowers, potteries, galleries and sculptors who find inspiration in the unique nature and light surrounding them.

And if you are hungry, the village offers a wide selection of gourmet restaurants as well as classic restaurants where you can enjoy your lunch or dinner.

Jammerbugten is waiting for you

Jammerbugten and the three unique villages are indeed worth adding to your bucket list, if you want to go hiking in Denmark.

Particularly if you are the type who likes to spice up your hikes with cultural experiences and local gastronomy.

You will find it all by Jammerbugten

So start planning your trip now.

You won’t regret it.

Happy hiking☺